Web design that works!

We are among the leading web designers in Victoria for creativity and providing professional web design, e-commerce solutions, and content management systems as well as branding and graphic design services for any size business. Almost anybody can set up a website now a days—but we build engaging websites that instantly emphasize credibility, communicate with your intended audiences, and ultimately convert users into customers.


In order for your organization to be successful on the Internet, three key elements must first be accomplished

Graphic designer


Your site should be well designed, attractive and engaging. It should be easy to navigate in order to quickly capture the  visitors attention and interest. Proper use of images is important as well as using action shots of you interacting with your clients.

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Your site must focus on meeting your visitors expectations and addressing the main question of what is in it for them and what you have to offer to improve their  lives. Relevant content must be constructed in a form of products and services  that can constantly adapt with your market.

Strategic web design


Determine the online presence that your business should assume and how it should position itself online and what components are critical to making the business a success. Decide who you should reach and how to communicate with your potential customers.


Decorations don’t deliver messages on their own. However images in conjunction with dynamic content does. Reducing a websites text-based content to a visual design element  will result in bloated and unrealistic client expectations once real content replaces all of the dummy data. We allow our design decisions to be dictated by the on-page content and messages, and often our designers use the actual content to inspire themselves to create interesting design elements that may not have been conceived without it.


Content Marketing Support

Ignite Studios is available to assist you with ongoing web strategies, including but not limited to SEO keyword research, social media, and dynamic website content. As an advisor to our clients, we provide you with a strategy, resources and education. We actively transfer our knowledge to our clients whenever possible. Ongoing web marketing means continually optimizing and enhancing your website content to maximize the return on your investment. The more you put in, the more you get out. Data from analytics should guide the marketing decisions and content changes that produce results.

A marketing site built by Ignite Studios is the ultimate tool for online marketing. We also collaborate with other web designers in Victoria to stay current and up to date with the latest trends. The key is to plan, design, and construct the site with the end result in mind. This means coordinating design elements and content with the goals of directing traffic and converting visitors into customers.

Content Management Sytems

WordPress is a very popular open-source platform. The community support, plugins, and themes drive the popularity. Planning a website to be both functional and fully administered by our clients can often cause friction. This is why the majority of our websites start from an internally developed code base to reduce development time, project costs, and ensure our sites meet web standards.

As we collaborate on the wire-frames to align clients needs with usability, the developers plan the database structure and CMS configuration to be functional within the content management platform.
We build our websites to make it easy for clients to maintain all the content themselves and teach them what they need to know so they don’t need to waste their time or money to make simple updates to their website.

Over the years, we have worked with a variety of Content Management Systems. Most add great potential and value to the website.