The fact is 86% of smartphone, note pad and tablet owners use their mobile devices to search the web for a business in the last thirty days. You can effectively reach your target audience and ensure their experience with your website is a positive one, no matter the  screen size? We build websites that adapt and respond to the user’s behavior and device based on screen size, interface, and orientation.

Responsive web design gives us the ability to build you a site that can physically change to fit each preferred users platform. A media query allows us to not only  target certain devices but also to actually inspect the characteristics of the devices that are rendering our work. We then prearrange the websites content and make critical choices as elements shift and adjust themselves—for example, presenting the contact info and social media elements into plain view when the user is browsing on a smartphone and adjusting the text and image sizes when a user is on a tablet. We are among the web designers in Victoria BC that care about the end result of our websites and the users ability to find exactly what they are looking for.

Fluid Grid

The Fluid pattern consists predominantly of a fluid site map. On larger size screens, the content usually remains the same size, simply adjusting the side margins on the various sizes of screens.
On the smaller size screens, the fluid grid map causes the websites content to flow, while side by each columns are stacked vertically. One advantage of this pattern flow is that it normally requires only one breaking point between small and large screens.

Off canvas

Moving items to a drop down menu or pop out Rather than stacking content vertically, the off canvas design places less frequently used website content, such as navigation or menus off screen and uses a call out button and only shows it when the screen size is large enough, and on smaller screens, content your is only one click away. Choosing breakpoints for this layout pattern is dependent on the content and will change for each design.

Tiny tweaks

Tiny tweaks are just that. To simply make all the small changes to the responsive layout by adjusting font size, re-sizing images and moving the content around the page in subtle ways making the content easier to read. Sometimes it’s the little things that can make or break your website turning an awkward layout into a fully functional and responsive web design.

Be Mobile-Friendly with Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design ensures every page on the website is mobile-friendly. The website detects when a visitor is on a mobile device and adapts accordingly.  In addition to providing the best browsing experience for your visitors, there are other benefits such as:

  • Less work for you. Update a page, and it’s applied on both mobile viewing and full screen viewing.
  • Improved SEO. Google prefers to index one website, rather than a separate mobile website.