Ignite Studios

Welcome to our website! These are just a few of the many logo designs we have created for our valued clients. 


This is a logo design and concepts for an up and coming DJ in Vancouver B.C.

Nice Sneakers

This logo design is for a local shoe store in Langford B.C. More design work still to come for Nice Sneakers.

OriginalTree Organics

OriginalTree Organics Logo was created by our artistic graphic design team to be modest yet eye catching. Clean lines and organic colors make this logo easy on the eyes.

 Kissy Kissy Twin Twin Logo

This is a logo that posed some welcome challenges for us due to the length of the company name. We solved this by creating a mirrored effect thus giving the illusion of a shorter name

Sociable Nights

Sociable Nights is a newly developed website for finding out what is going in your city's nightlife and social scenes.

Snow Leopard

Snow Leopard apparel is a new brand of winter sports clothing located in Vancouver B.C.

Jayson Alexander

Jayson Alexander is another local DJ making his mark on the scene.


Canadian Liberated Chicken Klub is helping our urban areas by exercising our rights to raise our own food within city limits.

The Possum

The Possum is a well written and hilarious comic book written and fantastically illustrated by Blair Kitchen.

Fit Nation

Fit Nation is a sports supplement store and smoothie bar in Victoria B.C.

Concepts Painting

Concepts Painting is a painting company located in Calgary AB.

Jason Alexander

This is another design concept for Jayson Alexander from Vancouver B.C.

Avocado Aficionado

This is a fantastic T shirt design we did for The Real OT's out of Victoria B.C.


This is another awesome T shirt design we did for The Real OT's out of Victoria B.C. Website still to come.

Hearts and Anchor

This is a label design for a company that makes talcum free body powder for men located in Milton Ontario.

M Storey Custom Contracting

M Storey is a rapidly growing Contracting company in the Greater Toronto Area.